The team at Complete Showers have extensive knowledge and experience in the tiling industry, and have given new life to some badly damaged home areas.

The below picture was taken at a home in Coolbellup. The water damage was so bad that the only option was to re-tile. This job, however, if tackled earlier would have saved the owner thousands. So rather than the job costing $500+GST, the owner ended up out of pocket over $2000 (not just this corner, the whole kitchen splashback and bench tiles needed re-doing).

Tiling and Regrouting Perth Perth Regrouting and Waterproofing
The damaged area before work. This was the final look of the tiles after re-tiling! Looks like new, yes, however it would have been much cheaper had the owner been in contact with us prior to needing re-tiling!

This is why we at Complete Showers Perth suggest that if you notice any damage, leaking or anything you’re unsure of, to get in contact with us as soon as possible!

Regrouting vs Re-Tiling

The rates tilers charge per hour can vary drastically — from as low as $20 per hour to over $100 per hour. On average, expect to be charged $45-$50 an hour for their tiling services.
The hourly rate is not a good reflection of the cost of your job, though, so always get quotes for the job rather than ask what they charge per hour. In most cases, a quote will include everything except the tiles, so you’ll also need to get prices for tiles before you can determine the final cost.

At Complete Showers Perth however, we charge a set fee for each job that only varies on the size and type of tile used. We give an itemised quote of what we’re doing and how much it will cost. For example, a standard 1m x 1m shower will cost $300 for the floor and $500+GST for the floor and walls. This includes re-siliconing the shower screen and applying a penetrating sealer. All of this and your shower will look as though it has just been tiled.

What does a tiler do?

A tiler does much more than simply lay tiles. Some of the other jobs they may have to do include:

  • Tile removal.
  • Surface preparation.
  • Levelling and/or sloping the surface to be tiled.
  • Grouting or regrouting.
  • Sealing and/or polishing tiles.
  • Waterproofing.

All of these things add up in cost, not only do you pay for their services but you pay for the supplies they bring (cement, grout, tile glue etc.). The total cost of re-tiling can rack up over time and you’ll more often than not be left with a bill that is quite staggering in comparison to the more cost effective option of regrouting.