Complete Showers Leaking Shower Services

What we do!

With our specifically designed tool that has a diamond tipped blade we quickly and safely remove the damaged grout from your leaking shower without damaging any tiles. We then mix up new cement grout with an additive that promotes flexibility as well as mould and water resistance. We ensure that we limit the dust and mess to as minimal as possible.

What is Regrouting?

Regrouting is the removing of old grout between tiles and the replacing with new, cleaner grout, to give your tile area that brand new look.

If you have a leaking shower the team at Complete Showers Perth will use our specifically designed oscillating tool to remove your existing old and deteriorated grout completely. By doing this we provide ourselves with the perfect preparation area, allowing us to properly regrout and completely reseal your leaking shower. Once grout removal is completed we vacuum and wipe down the area to ensure there is no dust left on the tile surfaces. We then mix up a new batch of grout with an additive that promotes flexibility, water resistance and resilience against mould and apply it to your newly cleaned tiles in your shower. This gives a look of grout cleaner than any grout cleaner in Perth and a seal that is guaranteed for 7 years!
Leaking Shower Regrouting


Tile Regrouting on it’s own can drastically improve the appearance of a tiled area, especially a bathroom and leaking shower. Furthermore, it is a lot more cost effective than re-tiling, because unlike tiling, all that is changed is the grout. No need to pay for new tiles, removal of tiles, new grout, labour and possibly other tradesmen. We can have your tiled areas looking better than if you had just had a grout cleaner come in and clean your grout! Clean, neat and mould resistant grout lines can add to the value of your home! Whether it be that you're selling or looking to increase your rent

The image on the left is a bathroom regrout that Complete Showers did in August 2013. As the house was 13 years old it was clear to see that the grout was severely deteriorated throughout the bathroom. After a discussion with the owner and their options it was decided that Complete Showers would come and regrout their whole bathroom, shower, vanity and bathroom floor included. As you can see the change was drastic. The tiles have gone from looking old and worn to looking brand new!


Once we have finished grouting or regrouting your leaking shower the team at Complete Showers Perth will apply a penetrating sealer that adds that extra layer of waterproofing. With this complete service we offer a 7 year guarantee because we’re so confident that we will not have to come back out and repair your leaking shower again in that time. Furthermore, our penetrating sealer adds protection and makes it easier to clean and helps prevent colour


Regrouting is suitable for a variety of tiled areas, including but not limited to the following:-

- Showers (especially leaking showers)
- Bathrooms
- Kitchen splash-backs
- Floors
- Tiled outdoor areas


Price – Regrouting can have your leaking shower looking as new for only a fraction of the cost of re-tiling or completely renovating. With re-tiling or renovation you’re looking at the following costs and quite possible more:-
- The new tiles themselves.
- Removal & disposal of the old tiles.
- Charge for laying and grouting the new tiles.
- And in the bathroom, possibly also plumbing, waterproofing and replacement fixtures and fitting (taps, toilet, bath, vanity, shower screen, towel rails)

Time – We can have your leaking shower fully regrouted in less than a day. Showers require 2 days (1 day prior and 1 day after work) to bond and completely dry. Other tiled areas can be walked on within the day but we suggest avoiding walking on grout lines for at least a day.

Convenience – Leaking shower regrouting can usually be carried out with much less down time than retiling or a full renovation.

Presentation (Selling) – With regrouting we can have your leaking showers, bathrooms, and any other tiled area looking amazing. A well presented property can add thousands to the selling price of a house on the market. This will help you sell quicker and appeal to a larger range of buyers. Aside from the kitchen, which most home buyers consider to be the most important room in the house, the bathrooms are considered a key selling point. It makes sense to spend a fraction of the selling price on ensuring your home is presented and shown to it’s maximum potential.

Presentation (Leasing) – Having your property looking as new will help attract more tenants to your property and may help justify a higher leasing price. By doing so, leasing your property will become easier as tenants won’t have any issues with the decor of the property. Having an investment property is usually one of the owners most profitable assets and having it well maintained and regrouted by Complete Showers Perth can help prevent further issues from arising later down the track.