Frequently Asked Questions about Regrouting

Complete Showers Perth are honest with their customers and provide a service that is of top quality. Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding leaking shower regrouting, tiling and renovating. Providing this so that our potential customers have all of the information prior to getting their shower regrouted so that they can make an informed decision on what their specific needs are.

Why should I regrout my shower?

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If your shower looks like this picture then chances are you have some serious water leaking into your surrounding your walls. This can lead to structural damage and unsightly rising damp. Your options are;

1 – Getting the shower area re-tiled
2 – Getting a complete bathroom renovation
3 – Regrouting the shower area

While re-tiling and renovating are options, they are often costly and can end up costing you and your family thousands of dollars.

The third option is where the team at Complete Showers Perth come in. Regrouting your shower can have your shower looking like new.

Regrouting can have your bathroom looking like new for a fraction of the price of re-tiling as well as in less than half the time. Call us today and save yourself thousands.


Why is my shower leaking

There are many reasons why a shower can leak. A look at the following table may give you an idea as to what you may be dealing with. These are a list of the most common causes, their symptoms and the solutions required to fix these issues.

Click here to view causes and symptoms and solutions to a leaking shower


How do you prepare the shower area?

  • Your shower must remain dry for 24 hours prior us completing work.
  • We ask for you to give your shower a quick clean and try and remove as much grime and dirt as possible so that it makes our job that little bit easier and quicker!
  • Please remove all items from your bathroom that you don’t want to get dusty as when we’re removing the grout there is quite a lot of dust.
  • If your taps are leaking please place a bucket in the shower to catch the water or place a latex glove over the shower head.

    What do you do after we’ve finished regrouting your shower?

    • Please do not shower for a minimum of 24 hours after completion of the job. This ensures that the shower has completely dried.
    • When you have your first shower there will be a dusty residue left on the tiles. A lot of this will come off with the water but if you notice any left on the tiles, please wipe it off with a cloth.
    • We suggest refraining from using harsh chemicals (bleach, acid etc.) on your shower as it can have a negative effect on not only the grout but also the finish on the tiles.


    Is leaking shower regrouting all you do?

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    At Complete Showers Perth our main service is leaking shower regrouting. However, we are more than happy to inspect any tiled area and provide a quote to replace that grout. Tile regrouting can drastically improve the look of your tiled areas whether it be leaking showers, mouldy showers, whole bathrooms, kitchen splashbacks, tiled floor areas and even outdoor tiling! If the grout in your home is looking tired and deteriorated then Complete Showers Perth can have your tiles looking like new, all for a fraction of the cost of re-tiling or renovating! Click here for more information about tile regrouting!


    Is re-tiling the better option?

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    While re-tiling your leaking shower may seem like your only option when you look at your shower (or other tiled areas) it is important to note the cost and time involved in re-tiling, even just re-tiling your leaking shower can be expensive! In some cases tiling may be your only option but at Complete Showers Perth we’d like to inspect your tiled areas and make sure for you, for FREE! We will advise if we can or can not have your shower looking as new (and we’ll be sure to let you know if you’re one of the few cases we can’t fix). Click here for FAQ’s about re-tiling!


    Should my room get a complete renovation?

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    Renovations are one of the most costly things homeowners can do to their tiled areas. The complete removal of tiles, re-screeding and patching holes, demolition costs, labour and the unexpected costs! While renovation is definitely an option for those who have high budgets, Complete Showers Perth aim to have your tiles looking like new simply by regrouting them.