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Tile Regrouting

Tile regrouting involves removal of old mouldy and deteriorated grout and replacing it with new, mould resistant grout.


Regrouting is a complex process that is not recommended for the D.I.Y'er and should always involve the use of professionals such as those at Complete Showers in Perth. While leaking showers are one of the main reasons that homeowners require regrouting there are many areas and reasons as to why you might need your tiles regrouted. These involve high traffic areas (such as hallways and kitchens) or kitchen splash backs that just aren't able to be cleaned anymore. Without the use of professionals who know how to properly regrout an area you can end up doing more damage than good to your tiled areas. You could possibly make a leaking shower worse, dislodge tiles or crack tiles.

Common reasons for tile regrouting are:

  • Leaking showers
  • Cracked grout lines
  • Leaking balcony floors
  • Missing grout lines
  • Permanently stained grout lines
  • Efflorescence deposits
  • Choice to change the colour of grout
  • Crumbling grout lines

Areas where tile regrouting can be done:

  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Floors in common areas
  • Kitchen splashback tiles
  • Balconies and garage floors
  • Pavers and patio areas
  • Pool surroundings
  • All wall areas internal and external


Regrouting takes time and generally involves leaving the area to dry for 24 hours prior to regrouting and then 24 hours following completion of regrouting. Showers are the most common areas for regrouting due to the excessive amount of water that the grout lines are subject to as well as the harsh chemicals that are used in the shower for either cleaning yourself or cleaning the shower. This being the case for leaking showers, it is not advisable to just seal the tiles and grout with a sealer. It is advised to completely remove the old grout that has become either porous or deteriorated and then replace it with new grout which has a waterproof and mould repellent additive. Following this it is then advised to have the grout and tiles sealed by a penetrating sealer to take that extra step towards waterproof. Same rules apply to any leaking or efflorescence affected area.

Complete Showers Perth have become a well known name in the building, property management and home owning industry. When it comes to regrouting Complete Showers make sure to follow these same important steps to achieve the best possible results:

1. Onsite inspection of all affected areas (obligation free, of course!)
2. Our tile regrouting process is explained in full to the customer and all questions answered
3. A personalised quote is provided that has no hidden fees or costs.
4. Old grout is removed using specialised equipment and then cleaned
5. New grout is installed with a waterproof and mould resistance additive (colour matched or your choice of colour)
6. Grout lines are cleaned and all grout haze removed from tiles
7. Grout is allowed to dry
8. New grout is sealed professionally using quality sealer

Complete Showers Perth pride themselves on using only the highest quality products when it comes to regrouting. Our grout colours come in a wide selection of colours. We guarantee all of our work for 7 years.

So call us today on 0408 670 915 to schedule your free on site inspection. Or fill out our contact form to get in touch via email. 

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